Sunday, June 29, 2014

new painting-Ballet Dancer

I have always loved and admired Degas’s paintings of ballet dancers and women bathing especially  his vibrant and freely drawn pastels on paper.  So inspired, I set out to paint a figure bent over tying laces; quintessentially feminine adorned in silk and netting and the ribbons of a ballet dancer.  I have been looking to Russian textiles from the late 19th century for my next solo show in 2015, and have been so absorbed in those wonderful home-spun Ikat coats worn by the men and women of that region.  Dramatic graphic designs of purples, greens and reds criss-cross and intersect the outer garment, which is so beautifully lined, and embellished with bold floral patterns of pink and red roses, peonies, hollyhocks and lilies, contrasting with strips and patches of material depicting delicate garlands of forget-me-nots, daisies and pansies.  The women look strong and challenging ( like Augustus John’s partner Dorelia)  as they stand for the camera and seem timeless and still translatable to me, despite the centuries between us. 
Ballet Dancer 42x24inches oil on board

Ballet Dancer has now been framed in a contemporary limed-wood frame
making its outside dimensions 122x76cm oil on board.

It is now available
 for further enquiries please contact me at

original idea for Ballet Dancer
Eduard Degas
one of my life drawings

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Moonlit Garden!!

Planned a moonlight garden painting last month, and started working on the composition and staring at the moon at every opportunity .  With all that in my head I decided to paint it in situ outside during a sunny day but try and think moonlight colours!!..... and this morning was the day.  No trace of wind, warm and sunny, no distractions except for Biscuit who I had one eye on the whole time.
Biscuit- not much help!
Painting in garden

Sunday, June 1, 2014


Garden Flower Arrangement 92x76cm oil on canvas
I have been working on new work for my next solo show in 2015, and have been working on a lot of flower and flower-based paintings. So armed with my secateurs I raided the hedges and flower beds around the house and managed to collect enough for a large flower painting.  Finally finished it on Friday and mindful of our annual Bloom in the Park and not being able to get there this year, have painted it instead.
Earlier this week in my studio
brought the flowers into the house