Tuesday, August 12, 2014


This summer I have been looking at an intriguing book of the history of the swimming costume, I found the 1920’s particularly interesting, and it got me thinking of how to incorporate the figure in a seaside setting into one of my compositions, not easy I am thinking.    
sketch book ideas
bathing belle oil on board
Recently I spent the morning at my  local beach,
visual diary
and have been working on my sketch books.
 I have now put the idea into the back of my mind to slowly churn over as a possible painting, and will work on some working drawings in my studio soon.  I painted this little oil to start the process going.  But I am now working on a flower painting at the moment, which is taking all my time up, working from life is always so demanding .. takes over everything.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

favourite things

I have been eyeing up these snapdragons growing on the low stone wall directly outside my studio for days now.    There is something very painterly in a bunch of flowers that are the same species but in an assortment of colours; mixed tulips also look great together in a flower bed or equally in a vase, preferably with me on the other end, paint-brush in hand.
So this morning once the rain cleared I gathered up a bunch  and arranged them into one of my favourite vases.  I must have painted this vase many times, as it was 35 years ago when I was with my boyfriend (now husband) when we saw this little blue and white tankard vase through an antique shop window on one of Sheffield's back streets back in my college days.
Daffodils 2012

Fushia and Dahlias 2007
Sweet william 2011 61x46cm 
Dahlias 2006