Monday, October 28, 2013

Mermaid- Scheherazade exhibition

Mermaid 92x76cm oil on canvas

Lying here having woken
from a time-freeze-state
of empty sleep
My body has sunk into the mattress
and become one with the floor.
I move a little and twist
away from the drip-drip
of sweat that is
falling from my sternum
down into the bed
My whole body including
my eyelids
Are sluiced with a layer
of filmy water
A new skin-gloopy and complete.
‘I am a mermaid’
‘I am a mermaid’
my feet say
as I direct them over
the side of the bed.
Together they stay
as they implant themselves
into the black wasteland
of the carpet.
I rise up tall
glistening and glowing
like a dying ember-
into the dark corridor
and the chill air
as I evaporate into
the night.

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