Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sources 2015

girl with doll  52x46cm

'Source' is  a small collection of pre-exhibition paintings, they were painted prior to working on my main collection that make up my new solo show Recent Paintings 2015 which will be opening on Thursday 7th May at The Doorway Gallery, on Frederick St South, Dublin 2.

Head Scarf 20x15cm
 Last year, I had painted quite a few bright Russian textile inspired flower paintings that have been at The Doorway Gallery.  It   was while I was looking at this source material for my new solo show,  that I became intrigued with some late 19th Century photographs of exiled Khans, nomadic textile traders and Russian peasant girls dressed in beautiful traditional Ikat coats and ceremonial robes.
   As a result I painted this series of small oil paintings, which I am going to exhibit during the show as they help to further understand, how and why, I paint what I paint.

Walking Home 25x20cm
Fox fur 25x20cm
Little Fruit Seller 25x20cm
Ikat girl 25x20cm
Matryoshka Turquoise Vase 71x61cm

Matryoshka Amaryllis 71x61cm

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