Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Charity shops and painting

studio with new painting

 So today I have spent the third day in the studio on this composition, initially its a slow process working out how to start the painting and then I take each stage as it evolves and change and modulate my original plans to fit with each new development.
setting up my flowers for painting

  I make  working sketches that are short-hand visual aids for patterns,
etc this one is inspired by some beautiful dress material of my daughters, I must add it was inspired not copied as the original bears no resemblance whatsoever.  The vase was from a charity shop, as soon as I saw it I knew it would translate into paint,  and the copper tray was from a lovely interiors shop Ryle and Company that has now moved to Glencormac, Kilmacanogue. I have done 6 hours in the studio since this morning and my head hurts and I am painted out, must escape and get some fresh air!!
All painted out!!

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