Saturday, July 26, 2014

Patterns and Woodpiles

The Invitation 122x92cm oil on canvas

Every year we stack up our logs against the outside shed, in preparation for when the evenings draw in.  I love to paint the logs piled up, the patterns and shapes that are created by the round cross-sections of the branches or the straight edges of the split trunks are endless and very painterly.  I will often paint logs in a log basket or the evening’s logs piled up in readiness next to the stove or fire. 
However, since the last storms we have even more wood piles around the place, all around the garden, waiting to be brought down and stacked nearer the house. These make for wonderful subjects for drawing and teamed with this lovely and unusually dry sunny weather we have been experiencing , means I don’t need to go too far for inspiration.

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